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COMUNICA: A magazine developed by people with mental illnesses

People with mental illnesses are PEOPLE. They have a voice. They can and they WANT to express themselves. Our project: to create a place where they can do so, where they can express themselves and where we can listen to them.

The magazine Comunica (“Communicate”) gives them hope. It tells us about the true reality of these situations, helping towards destigmatisation.

Some share experiences, find out about others’ stories; this helps them to not feel alone.

Others develop topics of interest, motivating themselves to investigate, make an effort, and find in the topic a good incentive for their recuperation and a long-awaited sense of hope, so uncommon in these patients.

For others, it is a way of revitalising their ability to make an effort, and of promising to later do so with life outside. It softens the brusque transition from protective bubble to harsh reality.  

Writing is a great therapeutic weapon, little known and little exploited.

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