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What does WHY NOT? do?

The foundation was born with the aim of helping people with mental illnesses, not in terms of healthcare, but in their leisure and free time. IMPROVE THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE.

Many of these people live a routine that they are unable to get out of. We at Why Not? Foundation invite them to dream, to think about something different to what they are used to and to have the motivation and hope that helps them to live day-to-day with a different, new happiness.

Why Not?’s activity is based in five areas of action:

◦   Artistic/creative therapies: Illness is not so much a lack of health, but the difficulty or incapability of someone assuming their own potential within the specific context in which they live. These therapies make people with mental illnesses more like leaders in the development and purpose of their own lives.

◦    Socio-cultural therapies: Patients with mental illnesses, due to their apathy and tendency towards inactivity, lack the initiative to carry out these activities we offer in and out of our centres.

◦    Reintegration into real life: Following medical discharge, people who suffer from a mental illness have to face day-to-day life and encounter difficulties, so we offer them classes in IT, cooking or daily care, for when they go to live in a supervised flat.

◦  Sport as therapy: Experts in psychology confirm that doing sport is one of the best therapies to treat mental illnesses.

◦    Other projects: Competitions…

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